About Us

Your single solution for digital marketing, marketing and brand management services.
Level 1 BEE and 100% Black Owned

Break Bread is one of the most recognised communications services agencies in South Africa. Established in 2016, Break Bread has come a long way transforming itself to an intelligent integrated communication company.

The company provides a wide spectrum of digital marketing, marketing and brand management services across disciplines of Strategy, Digital, Design, Branding, Experiential Marketing, E-Commerce and Marketing Research solutions, to 50+ small, medium and micro enterprises, covering a wide spectrums of industries in South Africa.

We are a united, full-service team with everything under one roof divided into two business unit which are digital marketing and marketing & brand management. But if you looking for one specific thing? Our services are also offered a la carte.

Break Bread is made up of some of the brightest minds in Africa, we’re people who live and breathe what we do, by humanising modern marketing and branding by cutting through the noise to bring clarity to our clients. We relish the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the diverse organisations of our partners and thrive on being challenged.